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These Two UW Madison Students Had an Amazing Snapchat Love Story

University of Wisconsin Madison’s Snapchat wrote a modern Shakespeare love story last week. 

Teen Vogue reports that when an anonymous girl known only as “Mystery Girl” posted a video confession that she was “seriously in love” with a guy she saw on the school’s Snapchat story, the internet rushed to unite them.

The guy, called ‘Vikings Fan’ because of a Vikings jersey he was wearing, posted a reply with a time and place for his Mystery Girl to meet him. However, in a rom-com worthy twist of fate, she missed his initial reply.

Many other UW Madison students got involved, posting everything from Bachelor-worthy support to requests for their own Mystery Girls. Vikings Fan kept pushing back the meeting to finish a project that he was working on, but the other UW students were glued to their screens, waiting for updates. Snapchat itself got involved, giving Mystery Girl her own geotag. The red banner read “Help Vikings Fan Find Mystery Girl.”

UW students posted their reactions to the unfolding saga with the geotag, refreshing their stories every 30 seconds in hopes that Vikings Fan would quickly find his girl.

Finally, the two were united at a party and hugged. The momentous occasion was, of course, captured in a Snapchat video.

Vikings Fan shared the good news with a selfie in which the both lovebirds are grinning from ear to ear. 

Wow, so beautiful. We can only hope that these two tell this story at their wedding.

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