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These New Images Might Reveal Rory Gilmore’s Job In the ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival

Every since it was revealed that our favorite TV show ‘Gilmore Girls’ was getting a revival on Netflix, fans have been going crazy trying to get the inside scoop on where Lorelai and Rory are at in life. 

Is Lorelai married to Luke? Is Stars Hallow still going strong? Does Rory become a famous journalist?! WE JUST WANT TO KNOW! 

Well, according to Bustle, these new photos might actually help answer that last question. Thanks to some behind the scenes photos from Twitter, it looks like Rory might actually be an editor. 

If you look closely, in one of the pictures Rory is holding a stack of newspapers while on the phone. A business call maybe? It definitely looks official but if you are still not convinced, another image shows Rory sitting at a very big desk in a very editor fashion. Also- if you look even closer, “Gazette”, the name of Stars Hallow newspaper, is written in big letters on the window. Bingo. 

So although the trailer shows that Rory is still trying to figure out her life, we think that her job might be the least of her worries. If you forgot, Rory was the Editor-in-Chief of the Yale Daily News and went on to be a journalist. 

Fingers crossed but we will have to wait until November 25th to find out for sure. 

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