There Might Be a Continuity Error in the 'Orange Is the New Black' Season 5 Finale

The below contains spoilers about Season 5 of Orange Is the New Black.

The recently released fifth season of Orange Is the New Black might include a continuity error, and it's confusing AF.

To recap: Season 5 of OITNB took place over the course of a three-day prison riot. The season finale saw the end of the riot when an emergency response team entered the prison and forced all of the inmates to evacuate. After the team did a head count, the guards said 10 inmates were missing. Caputo then realized the 10 missing inmates were hiding in the pool, and he was right: 10 inmates were found there.

However, loyal OITNB fans noticed there were actually two additional missing inmates who were not among the 10 found in the pool. These two characters are Pennsatucky and Chang, who had already escaped. So the head count should've come up with 12 missing inmates, right?

Well, making matters even more complicated, Refinery29 pointed out that Linda, a Management and Correction Corporation employee, was included in the head count, so the final number of missing inmates should've been 11—not 10.

What the heck is going on? Why did the guard incorrectly state that they were "10 short"? Was this a mistake, or does Netflix have something sneaky in store for us? Guess we'll have to wait for Season 6 to find out. 

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