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TikTok Thinks Taylor Swift’s “Karma” Is About The Scooter Braun Drama

If you ask me, karma is definitely Taylor Swift’s boyfriend. The Eras queen herself has made quite the career out of writing hit songs about those who have done her dirty. Among those who have wronged her in the past is music manager Scooter Braun, who is going through a bit of a professional struggle, as three of his major celebrity clients (Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Demi Lovato) have parted ways with him. The news has sparked a major theory on social media, where Swift fans think “Karma” could be about Scooter Braun.

For starters, Swift and Braun go way back. The two have a years-long feud that became public in 2019 when Braun bought all the masters to her first six albums.  Swift got her revenge on Braun by re-recording her own music, and — fans think — by calling out Braun in her songs. Not only is it speculated that she roasted the music manager in “Vigilante Sh*t,” but one TikToker is convinced that Swift hinted at Braun’s current drama in her 2022 hit song “Karma” — and she has receipts.

TikTok user @taylor_talk made a video theorizing that Swift might have seen all the drama currently surrounding Braun unfolding long before now. In the video, @taylor_talk said, “Spider-boy, king of thieves, so, it could be about Scott Borchetta, but it could be about Scooter Braun. Let’s talk about Scooter Braun’s two biggest artists, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber.”


Been sitting on these connections for an eternity and it’s all spilling out today. #swifttok #scooterbraun #arianagrande #justinbieber #karma #reputation #taylorswift

♬ Karma – Taylor Swift

She goes on to point out the many references to Ari and Biebs. 

“Karma is my boyfriend.’ ‘Boyfriend’ is a song by Justin Bieber. ‘Karma is a god.’ ‘God Is a Woman’ is a song by Ariana Grande,” she continued. “’Karma is the breeze in my hair.’ Literally ‘My Hair’ is a song by Ariana Grande.”

This next part left me ~SHOOK~. “‘Sweet like justice,'” the TikToker quoted. “Sweetener is arguably Ariana Grande’s best album, Justice is arguably Justin Bieber’s best album.” Her Campus reached out to Swift’s team for comment on the theory that “Karma” is about Braun, but didn’t hear back by publication.

As you can expect, TikTok users flooded the comments sharing their shock over this coincidence. “MY MIND IS BLOWN. I haven’t seen ANYONE say this!!! your mind!!!” one user wrote. “i just got chills!!! #mastermind,” someone also commented. 

Meanwhile, others are convinced Swift manifested Braun’s downfall. “Hear me out, what happens if her songs are magic 🪄 and we’re all just playing them and manifesting the lyrics into the universe?!? 😂 just a thought!” someone questioned. 

TikTok user @theswiftologist made a video noting that “Tay Voodoo” is a thing, and pointed out that Swift has been “telling us since Midnights” that Braun’s luck would one day run out — and here we are. 


karma is taylor swift’s boyfriend it is the mf breeze in her hair on the weekend it is a R E L A X I N G THOUGHT! 👏🏻 💥 #taylorswift #swifttok #swifttoker #scooterbraun #taylorsversion #arianagrande #justinbieber #demilovato

♬ original sound – zachary – zachary

While fans may never truly know whether “Karma” is about Scooter, the fan theories sure are fun to keep up with. 

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