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Taylor Swift Went to Target to Buy ‘Reputation’ & Surprised A Lot of Happy Fans in the Process

Unless you’ve fallen off the face of the earth, you’ve heard that Taylor Swift dropped her much-anticipated album Reputation last week. But what you may not know is Taylor has a tradition of picking up a copy of her new albums at Target stores, and this time, she dropped by a location in Nashville to continue celebrating her music with fun surprises for her fans.

Taylor arrived at Target Tuesday night with a squad of back-up singers and dancers, detailing the adventure on Instagram Stories for those who couldn’t be there with her. Once there, Taylor spent time autographing CDs and posing for pictures with the lucky shoppers. Fans were thrilled to have this exciting and unexpected meet-and-greet with one of pop’s most influential singers, sharing their photos all over social media. 

You can call it what you want to, but Reputation will undoubtedly be one of the top pop albums of the year. It's an incredible illustration of Taylor’s musical talent and another shift away from her country-princess image toward a more mature and courageous artist with a completely different vibe—she's embracing both her supporters and her critics.

Does anyone else feel like they’re her mom watching her grow from a young girl into a strong, independent woman? So what’s next, Taylor? I'm ready for it!

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