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Taylor Swift Songs Are the Secret to Weight Loss

This story will definitely inspire you to get up and move (or shake it off!). More than 700 days ago, Ronnie Brower weighed 675 pounds. He could barely walk and was told by his doctor that unless he drastically changed his ways, he would not live past the age of 35. Then, he decided to change his life. With Taylor Swift’s music for motivation, Ronnie has lost a staggering 425 pounds!

Since beginning his journey, Ronnie has taken social media by storm, with the hashtags #RonnieMeetsTaylor and #RonniesWeightLoss trending in the past few days. His YouTube video documenting his journey has nearly 2 million views by now.

Throughout these past two years, Ronnie has used T.Swift’s music to keep him focused on his goals. He told CNN recently, “I’d love to meet (Taylor). It would be a dream come true.”

You can help Ronnie meet Taylor Swift by using #RonnieMeetsTaylor on social media! Her music has helped him reach his goal weight and add quality years to his life. Ronnie’s proven just how strong the power of song can be—what are some of your favorite workout tunes, collegiettes?

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