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Taylor Swift Slays With This Unexpected Met Gala Dance-Off

You may have heard about the best and worst dressed celebs at Monday night’s Met Gala, but what about the best and worst dancers?

The Met Gala is known for being a glamourous event, but that didn’t stop Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston from getting down on the dance floor. When T.I.’s “Bring Em Out” came on, Swift and Hiddleston started showing off all the dance moves they could in the crowded dining area. Other gala attendees joined in on the fun and gathered around to watch. One guest, Carlos Souza, caught the pair’s dance-off on camera and shared it on Instagram.



A video posted by Carlos Souza (@carlossouza1311) on

Who won: Swift or Hiddleston? You decide.

Mariel Barbadillo is currently in her third year at the University of California, Davis. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and a minor in Sociology. Her interests include music, travel, and social justice. In her free time, she enjoys going to concerts, playing piano, and catching up on the latest episode of The Fosters and Pretty Little Liars.
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