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Taylor Swift Just Posted Another Snake Instagram & We Need to Know Why

Last Friday, Taylor Swift wiped every single one of her social media accounts clean. She erased all her posts and profile pics on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and replaced all the content on her official website and Tumblr with blank pages. People immediately started tweeting up a storm about what this could mean. Many speculated that Swift is about to launch a new album, using #TS6IsComing.

Then, on Monday, Taylor posted a strange, short video to her Instagram. Billboard described the video as a “reptilian tail slithering on a glitch, black background and no sound.” Swift fans went crazy on Twitter again over the eerie post.


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But there’s more: Tuesday morning, Swift posted an almost identical snake video to her Instagram. The new video posted this morning features a more up-close view of a snake, but is about the same length and same background. #TS6IsComing immediately started trending on Twitter again.


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Taylor sure knows how to keep fans on their toes. We can’t wait to finally find out what she’s been planning. Vox had some interesting thoughts on the situation, speculating that Tay may be using the good press she’s gotten from her recent sexual assault trial as a launching point to rehabilitate her image a year after her infamous beef with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. After all, a theme of the criticism after that debacle was that she’s a disingenuous snake.

And by the way, props to Swift for winning that sexual assault case, holding her own throughout the entire trial like the badass she is.

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