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Hold Up, Are Taylor Swift & Drake Dropping A Diss Track About Kanye?

Is this the collab of the century? Taylor Swift and Drake may be releasing new music together in her re-recording of her 2017 album Reputation. (Her Campus reached out to reps for both Swift and Drake but did not hear back by the time of publication.) On Sept. 30, a source told The Sun, “Taylor has pivoted her focus to re-recording Reputation and she has come across this song she made with Drake, which never saw the light of day. She knows that everyone is going to think it is about KimYe because it was her row with them, which inspired a lot of Reputation. But this one is far more direct than the other songs, which was why they didn’t decide to release it in the first place.”

According to the source, Swift and Drake originally recorded the track together back in 2018, which was aimed at both Kanye and his then-wife Kim Kardashian. The source continued, “It’s no secret that both Taylor and Drake have had tumultuous relationships with Kanye, so they didn’t hold back when it came to recording. Obviously, she is totally over the whole thing now but this is one which fans will want to hear.”

Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the rumors, with one user writing, “are we gonna be getting a drake and taylor swift collaboration now oh boy.” And like the rest of the internet, I’m obviously wondering the same thing.

ICYMI, Swift and Kanye’s beef goes way back to 2009, when he butted in and interrupted her at the MTV Video Music Awards. While Kanye and Drake used to be friends eons ago, the duo have now been beefing for a long time, with things coming to a head in 2018 after the two released numerous diss tracks about each other

On the other hand, Swift and Drake have been good friends for over a decade, cheering each other on online and taking very *cozy* pictures together. And this isn’t the first time rumors of a music collab between the two have surfaced — in 2016, fans speculated that the duo were spending time together in the studio after Swift attended Drake’s 30th birthday party

Will the diss track ever see the light of day and actually end up on the re-recording of Reputation? When it comes to Swift, you never know.

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