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Taylor Defended A Fan From A Security Guard & Fans Are Loving It

Swifties are counting down the days until their Eras tour dates, and are dying for the chance to see their favorite star. Whether it’s responding to cute signs or referencing her recent breakup with Joe Alwyn, Swift is always keeping her fans on their toes while performing. With the announcement that Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) will be released on July 7, fans are feeling pumped up to sing along to her discography, old and new songs alike. Besides her new album and the tour, Swift is already in the spotlight for non-music related reasons — including the dating rumors between her and The 1975’s lead singer Matty Healy — but she’s making headlines again. This time, it’s for defending a concert goer from a security guard during her Eras Tour Philadelphia show on May 14.

Swift interrupted a performance of “Bad Blood” to yell down at the crowd, but many fans were unsure why. The fan that Swift defended explained her side of the story, and the video has over a million likes already. The fan, Kelly Inglis, said that the guard had been harassing her group all night, and wasn’t letting them enjoy the concert. Inglis said that the guard would yell at them to not touch the guardrails, even though they weren’t doing anything wrong.

Luckily, Swift saw the situation and briefly stopped singing to try and get the guard to back off. Swift yelled, “She’s fine,” “She wasn’t doing anything,” and “Hey, stop,” as the music continued in the background, and then continued the song. Inglis also revealed that Swift had escorted the security guard out and given them free tickets, which are making fans love Swift even more.


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Naturally, Swifties everywhere are loving the story, and the memes are hilarious.

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