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When Will Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ Vault Track List Be Released? Fans Have Theories

Taylor Swift dropped a huge surprise on social media on Sept. 19, and Swifties are freaking out. The superstar posted a vault track puzzle for her upcoming album, 1989 (Taylor’s Version), on her social media accounts. Swift has made the puzzles a tradition with her re-recorded records, with fans rushing to solve the titles of the new songs before she releases the full vault track list. She has done this previously for Fearless (Taylor’s Version) and Red (Taylor’s Version). Now that the puzzles are out, fans want to know: When will Taylor Swift’s 1989 vault track list be released?

In the few days leading up to Sept. 19, a special vault puzzle game unlocked on Google when fans typed in “Taylor Swift.” Each day since, more and more fans have gained access to the vault, which challenges fans to fill in the blank spaces of the puzzles. According to Google, once fans collectively solve 33 million puzzles (fitting, since Swift is currently 33 years old), the vault track list will be released.

A fan on TikTok named Ty Wilson believes the vault track list can come out as soon as tomorrow. Out of 33 million puzzles, the answer to one is “Wednesday.” This could point to the day of the week that Swift was born in 1989, or the day of the week that her birthday falls this year in 2023 (both Wednesdays). But, it could also point to a big announcement on Sept. 20, which is a Wednesday.

Now that the vault is unlocked and fans are able to solve the puzzles, hints at the new tracks are being revealed, including a possible collab with Nicki Minaj. On Sept. 12 at the VMAs, Swift said Minaj was her “favorite Sagittarius” while accepting the award for Best Direction for her “Anti-Hero” music video. Now, the word Sagittarius seems to be a clue in one of the Google vault track puzzles

With 33 million puzzles to be solved, Swifties are working overtime to decode them all. This big fan account on X, @tswifterastour, is posting many of the puzzles fans have found. This TikToker also theorized a track could be named “SLUT!” based on the letters that fly out of the vault in Taylor Swift’s Sept. 19 Instagram post. 

Swift announced the much-anticipated re-recording of 1989 during the Eras Tour. Ever since then, Swifties have been eager to discover the five new vault tracks that will come out with the album on Oct. 27. Swift called this her “most favorite re-record,” so fans know the vault tracks will be better than anything from their wildest dreams

You know she loves the players, and you love the game. So, just like you, I’ll be here trying to decipher the puzzles and waiting for the full vault track list to drop. 

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