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Is Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ Vault Song Called Slut? Fans Are Confused

Leave it to Taylor Swift to keep fans guessing with her cryptic Instagram posts. On Sept. 19, the singer shared another “vault” animation with the title of a new, unreleased song that’s going to be on her upcoming 1989 (Taylor’s Version) album. In true Swift fashion, the letters (and punctuation marks) T, “, S, U, !, “, and L came out of the vault in no particular order.

ICYMI, Swift has made these vault puzzles a tradition with her re-recorded albums. For both Fearless (TV) and Red (TV), the singer posted clues about the albums’ new tracks that were written at the time of the original release but didn’t make the final cut. The clues from those two vault puzzles kept fans up at night, and the cryptic Instagram post Swift shared about 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is doing the same thing.

When sharing her 1989 (TV) cover on Instagram in August 2023, Swift revealed that five “From The Vault” songs were coming for fans, in addition to the tracks from the original album Swifties know and love. Now that fans received a clue about one of the album’s “vault” songs, they have been working hard to figure out its title.

Though the singer has given fans jumbled-up title names in the past, she changed it up this time around by just sharing letters and punctuation marks. Fans didn’t waste time decoding what the title of this vault song could be. Some think it’s either “SLUT!” or “LUST!”

Meanwhile, others are just plain confused by this cryptic Instagram post and just want an answer.

Do these letters make up the title of one song, or is there more to the cryptic post fans aren’t seeing? On Sept. 20, Swift shared the full tracklist of her 1989 (Taylor’s Version) album and it seems fans’ were right’ guesses were correct. Swift shared a photo of her album cover which features the titles of all the songs. If you look closely, you can see that a song titled “Slut!” is part of the soundtrack — so Swifties, you were right!

Though I was convinced for the longest time the FBI worked hard, Swift’s fans definitely work harder — especially when it comes to the singer’s music.

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