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olivia rodrigo and taylor lautner
olivia rodrigo and taylor lautner
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Taylor Lautner Had The Best Reaction to Olivia Rodrigo’s “Vampire” Announcement

Olivia, where have you been, loca? Unless you haven’t checked social media in the last 24 hours, everyone now knows what Olivia Rodrigo has been cooking up for her next single. Fans have been speculating for weeks that Rodrigo would be dropping new information about her next album release after a series of cryptic messages dropped. It’s safe to say that Rodrigo will be dropping new music later this month on June 30, signaling the end to the Sour era

I don’t know about you. But the idea of a vampire fantasy era has me patiently (more like or anxiously) awaiting for any new information. In fact, the excitement for the release of “Vampire’ has already caused widespread attention from many singers, influencers, and actors who are also waiting for the single’s release. One actor in particular who was very vocal about his excitement for “Vampire” was none other than everyone’s favorite wolf heartthrob, Taylor Lautner. Needless to say, it appears that Twilight and Olivia Rodrigo may be playing a large part into the start of Rodrigo’s next single.  

Rodrigo’s new single will be titled “Vampire.” 

After a few weeks of easter eggs being dropped left and right on social media, Rodrigo posted on Instagram that her next single, “Vampire,” will be dropping on June 30. The single cover shows Rodrigo wearing purple bandaids over her neck, presumably covering a vampire bite. As well as the single announcement, pre-orders for the “Vampire” vinyl and CD were announced. The blood-red vinyl sold out in less than a few hours, and fans have already begun dissecting what the theme of this next era could be. 

Twilight actor Taylor Lautner voiced his excitement for “Vampire.” 

With “Vampire” being announced, many celebrities and fans expressed their excitement for Rodrigo’s next single. Many are excited to see what Rodrigo has to say in her follow up to Sour, while also theorizing on who or what the vampire could be. One of the main questions that fans are asking was posed by none other than Twilight actor, Taylor Lautner. In Lautner’s comment on the “Vampire” announcement, Lautner wrote in all caps “K WHO TF BIT YOU,” making my Twilight-obsessed childhood self so many feels. 

It’s also just not Lautner who is excited about the “Vampire” announcement: The official Twilight Instagram even expressed their anticipation, saying that they had been “waiting for this day” and that “dreams really do come true” in the comments. Whether this is a reference to “Vampire” being influenced by the Twilight franchise, it’s not the first time that Rodrigo has shown her love for the series. 

Rodrigo is a huge Twilight fan, and “Vampire” has something in common with the franchise.

If you’ve been following Rodrigo on social media since the Sour era, you’ll notice that Rodrigo posts about her love for the Twilight series quite often. Whether it’s sporting Edward and Bella on her tour inner-ears or wearing an exclusive Eclipse premiere shirt, Twilight has been frequently referenced on Rodrigo’s social media. It’s important to note as well that the “Vampire” release date is on June 30, which was also the release date of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse in the United States in 2008. Coincidence? I don’t think so. 

Rodrigo has also previously stated that she is Team Edward, so Lautner and the rest of Team Jacob may have to wait for the rest of the album to see if there are any songs they can imprint their feelings onto. 

Rodrigo seems to be leaning into other famous vampire references.

Film fans have also noticed a reference in the “Vampire” single photoshoot. Rodrigo is in black and white, the only item in color being the purple band aids on her neck. Rodrigo may be referencing 1968’s Dracula Has Risen from The Grave in this photoshoot, which has massive similarities. The poster has a woman in black and white, and the only color in the poster are the pink bandages covering the bites on her neck. By referencing a Dracula film from the ‘60s and the Twilight franchise, I wonder if a potential music video will dive deeper into the ‘60s/2000s vampire genre, while also maintaining that classic Rodrigo flair we all know and love.

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