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Tanner Adell Manifested Collabing With Beyoncé, Now She’s Featured On ‘Cowboy Carter’

Cowboy Carter is finally here, so if you need me today, just know that my phone is on DND and I have GENIUS pulled up to memorize all of the different song lyrics. However, there’s one song on the album that I already know by heart, and that’s Bey’s cover of The Beatles song “Blackbird.” 

In Beyoncé’s rendition of the song, re-titled “BLACKBIIRD,” she offers an incredibly beautiful, soulful cover of the classic hit. The cover also features four different artists: Tanner Adell, Brittney Spencer, Tiera Kennedy, and Reyna Roberts. While all four singers are incredible, there’s one voice on the song who you might have recognized. 

Tanner Adell is a Gen Z country singer who’s just getting started. You might be familiar with her songs “Love You a Little Bit” and “Buckle Bunny,” and if you aren’t, you should totally give them a listen. Adell is a 27-year-old country singer who connects some of her “happiest memories to the countryside, country music, and family,” according to Business Insider. 

Adell is really that girl. She’s got style, an amazing voice, and is now featured on a Beyoncé album, so it’s safe to say that she’s winning. 

Also, if anybody has any intel on Adell’s psychic powers, please let me know.

In her song “Buckle Bunny,” Adell gives a shout-out to Bey, singing “Looking like Beyoncé with a lasso.” Little did she know, a year later, she’d be featured on Beyoncé’s album. Speaking with Business Insider, Adell explained that she manifests often. Clearly, it works, y’all! 

In a video posted to her Instagram on March 28, Adell shared a snippet of her atttending the Renaissance tour, which then cut to a video of her reacting to hearing herself on Cowboy Carter. What an incredible full-circle moment!

In the caption of the video, she wrote, “lengthy sappy post tomorrow but for tonight, I just want to say thank you to Beyoncé for making my dreams come true.” I’m not crying, you are. 

Adell is here to make country music more accepting, something that she previously explained is challenging. In her song “Luke Combs,” she sings about how her “country heart still wants to be the girl in a Luke Combs song.” Speaking with Business Insider, Adell expressed how she didn’t feel represented by the music that she loved, so she wrote herself into the genre instead. 

“”There are a lot of Black people who love country music, that have been afraid to say that they love country music, even afraid to make country music,” she explained.

Adell is here to make a space in country music for everybody, something that she and Beyoncé have in common. 

If you’re a fan of country music, Adell is somebody you should definitely listen to. Her music is catchy, unique, and such fun to dance along to in your cowboy boots and hat. 

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