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Support a Young Entreprenuer as You Take Off Your Makeup

Removing eye makeup can be sort of a pain. You can get those giant wipes which are way too big for your eyes and face (if you’re wearing that much makeup at this age, I would guess it’s unnecessary), you can get some liquid eye makeup remover (cotton balls/tissues need to be on hand at all times then), or you can get small swabs — my favorite.

Ava Anderson, a 16-year-old girl, created a line of beauty products at the age of 14. What were you doing at 14? Maybe I was babysitting for some extra cash, certainly not starting a beauty brand!

Ava started her beauty line — Ava Anderson Non-Toxic — after hearing a news report about a study regarding hazardous chemicals found in teen bloodstreams which was believed to be from cosmetic products. Instead of complaining, she did something about it. Her line contains “no PEGs, no phthalates, no parabens, no SLS, no 1,4 dioxane, no “fragrance”.” Her goal is to create healthy, safe products. Quite admirable, no?

Ava has a great makeup remover swab. They are small, just the size I need for my eyes. They don’t sting at all and don’t leave my eyes feeling oily. I also like knowing I’m supporting a young entrepreneur and nothing toxic!

Get yours HERE for $14.95!

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