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Study Shows More Than 20 Percent of Beliebers Are Liars

Whatever your opinion of Justin Bieber, it’s undeniable that he’s had a pretty incredible 2015. When Purpose was released this year, it was met with rave reviews from music critics and fans alike. Chances are, you listened to it on repeat… even if you refuse to admit just how much you really loved it. And you’re not alone.

Given the popularity of his latest album (17 songs from the album ended up on Billboard’s Hot 100, the most a single artist has had on the list in a week), it’s obvious more than just the loud-and-proud Beliebers, otherwise known as tweens, were listening on repeat.

So Ticketbis, a European-based ticket resale company, looked into the numbers. Their study shows that despite the increase in popularity—a 10 percent jump in the U.K. over the past two years—21 percent of Bieber fans won’t admit just how much they love his music.

There’s insight into where you’ll find these fans—and why they might be staying mum. According to data from Spotify, Bieber’s music was among the most popular in one of Brooklyn’s trendiest and most hipster neighborhoods: Williamsburg. It’s no wonder they’re not admitting Belieber status… they’re just too cool for that.

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