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Stretch Your Feet!

Happy Wednesday ladies! How are your fitness goals coming along? I feel great!

Yesterday I did a stretch workout because my body was aching for it. Half of the workout segment was entirely focused on one important body part- my feet! You may be thinking- 15 minutes dedicated to feet…say what? But like the fitness instructor said, your feet are your foundation and they need to be strong to support your body! 

I used to be in ballet when I was younger and I’d always stretch out my legs, feet, and even toes! My dance classes in high school would focus on stretching the ankles, hamstrings, and so forth. Now that I’ve strayed away and only worked out at home, I totally forgot those fundamentals in my own exercise. 

Stretching your feet will not only alleviate feet and ankle pain, but your posture and balance will improve, and an added bonus is feeling comfortable in your super cute heels! Just think, your feet has to support your body 24/7 so they should be as strong as possible! Practice stretching your feet each day to feel taller and more balanced.

Below are some of the stretches that I did and all you need is something firm to hold on to like a chair.


  • Stand on both feet and lift one leg up straight onto the seat of the chair. Bend into the lifted leg and stretch your calves. Hold this position for ten seconds, then alleviate any hip pain by wiggling around back and forth.
  • Stand on both feet and holding on to the back of the chair, lift up onto your heels and hold for ten seconds. Repeat as many times as you like.
  • Challenge yourself to lifting up on one leg while the other leg is lifted off of the ground.
  • Point and flex your foot and lift up and kick, then push down to the floor.
  • Bend into your legs, as if in squat position and stretch your calves and achilles tendon.
  • Rotate your foot in a circular motion for a few seconds than switch and do the other side.
  • Lift one leg to the side and stretch, then repeat on the other side.

Let me know how your feet feel after this workout! Go try on those heels and tell me if you notice a difference!

P.S. Treat yourself to a nice pedicure after…you deserve it! :)

photo creds:
Renee Silverman
by Janine

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