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The ‘Stranger Things’ Universe Is Expanding With A Spinoff Series

Stranger Things was renewed for a fifth and final season in February 2022 much to fans’ disappointment. The creatives behind the show, the Duffer Brothers, explained to Netflix Tudum that they didn’t want to ruin the story by dragging it out longer than necessary. Plenty of fan theories have circled the internet since Season 5’s confirmation, but now Netflix is capitalizing on the success of the live-action show and expanding into an animated universe. 

Stranger Things Tokyo has been kept under wraps for a while despite whispers about a potential spinoff started popping up way back in 2021. Now, even if we don’t know much, we do know that Stranger Things Tokyo will become a reality. Do we have a trailer? No. A cast? Also, no. A release date? Keep dreaming. But here’s what we do know. 

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Courtesy of Netflix

What is the plot of Stranger Things Tokyo?

The animated show will take on a new cast of characters and focus on a separate story. According to What’s on Netflix, the plot is as follows: An encounter with the Upside Down evolves into a grand adventure for video game-loving twin brothers living on the outskirts of 1980s Tokyo. The series is likely going to have six episodes spanning an hour each, according to Devdiscourse

Are the Duffer Brothers making Stranger Things Tokyo?

Shockingly, the Duffers won’t be the sole creatives behind the show as they’ll take on just a minor role in the project. Although the duo has been a power team since the show dropped back in 2016, they don’t plan on living the rest of their lives exploring the Upside Down and giving kids mutant abilities. Matt Duffer said during an appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast that “The idea, ultimately, is to pass the baton to someone else … someone who’s hopefully really talented and passionate.” 

He went on to add, “…this show will have been about 10 years of our lives by the time we’re done. So it’s like a decade of my life, and I loved every second of it, and I don’t take any of it back. But yeah, I don’t want to do another decade in the Stranger Things universe … But we do want to be very involved, and we have an idea that we’re really jazzed about.”

Do we really have no idea when the release date is? 

We truly have no clue when Stranger Things Tokyo will drop on Netflix. But we can speculate. The earliest release date for Stranger Things Season 5 would be sometime in summer 2024 – anything earlier than that is “out of the question,” according to Netflix Life. People have thought since Netflix enjoys releasing Stranger Things on holidays that this could mean Season 5 is coming July 4, 2024. Chances are high we won’t have a Stranger Things Tokyo release date until the hype from the finale dies down. Who knows, we might be waiting until 2026 or even 2027 for an update. 

While you twiddle your thumbs waiting for more Stranger Things content, go get some Millie Bobby Brown water, check out Noah Schnapp’s fun TikTok or dress in ’80s garb to pay homage to Eddie. Either way, rest easy knowing that Stranger Things is far from over. 

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