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‘Stranger Things’: Here’s What We Know About Season 3 (So Far)

We’ve been ready for the next season of Stranger Things since we finished binge-watching season 2. Now we’re finally getting some more hints about season 3, and we can’t wait to head back to the Upside Down.

Stranger Things executives recently assembled and spilled a little bit about what we’re about to see go down in Hawkins, where it is now the summer of 1985.

What did they say?  For one, all of our favorite relationships are still alive and well. Eleven and Mike, and Max and Lucas, are both still together following their school dance, where we left off last season. Executive producer Shawn Levy also hinted that their young love won’t be on solid ground throughout the season, making us eager for the drama to come. Levy also discussed Steve’s babysitter-like role, aka “Dad Steve,” who he claims is a fan favorite (uh, yeah he is!) and will most definitely be caring for the children again, like he did for Dustin in season 2.

“We’ll definitely get to see some more of Steve Harrington in season three, and I’ll just say we won’t be abandoning the Dad Steve magic. I don’t want to say much more, but I literally feel that we were walking along and we stumbled onto a gold mine with Dad Steve,” Levy said.

There are also new characters making their way to Hawkins. According to Variety, the Netflix series has cast Maya Hawke as ” an alternative girl bored with her mundane day job,” who discovers a dark secret.

Production for the new season will kick off in April, and will result in eight full episodes. This is kind of a bummer seeing as this makes for one less hour of Eleven, Mike, Lucas, Dustin and the rest of the gang, but guess we’ll take what we can get! No word just yet on release date, but chances are it will probably be in 2019 to give due time to the Duffer Brothers to write a great season.

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