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Stoneman Douglas School Shooting Hero Anthony Borges Doing Better After Returning to Intensive Care

Anthony Borges, the 15-year-old hero student who was shot five times while shielding a doorway during the February 15 Stoneman Douglas school shooting in Parkland Florida, is “doing much better” after concerns of returning to intensive care last week, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

Jennifer Smith, the spokeswoman for Broward Health Medical Center, has confirmed that his condition is now fair. CBS News had reported last week that Borges was back in the intensive care unit in a medically induced coma, doctors concerned with a possible abdomen infection and ulcer in his small intestine. 

“The body is taking a beating from all the medications and all the operations and everything,” said attorney Alex Arreaza, according to CBS News.

Now, breathing on his own and able to eat, Arreaza delivers more hopeful news as he says that the abdominal surgeries appear to have been successful. “Everything went fine,” he said, according to the Sentinel. “He’s doing much better.”

Borges endured five shots that reportedly shattered his legs, hips and abdomen, and Arreaza says the infection was caught late due to Borges’s silence. “He’s got a super-high threshold for pain,” he said. “His intestines were all twisted up. As tough as he was, he wasn’t complaining.”

Wishing this tough-as-nails hero a speedy recovery!

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