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Show Off Your St. Patty’s Day Celebration With These 25 IG Captions

The most green time of the year has come. No, but really — with the arrival of St. Patrick’s Day on March 17, the themes and celebrations of the Irish cultural holiday have come accompanied by clothing, parades, traditional drinks, and a lot of photo dumps sprinkled with the festive spirit. And, if you’re looking for creative phrases to caption all of your weekend, green-tinted memories, then you’ve struck gold: Here are 25 non-cringey, creative captions for you to enjoy.

That’s what’s at the end of the rainbow.

Bold and confident. But make it holiday-themed, of course.

Pot of gold kind of day.

Think cute photo dump with friends, St. Patty’s memories, and/or chaotic BeReals.

Can you tell me now you’re the lucky one?

I mean, can you ever go wrong with a Taylor Swift lyric?

Pure gold.

If you took a That Girl kind of picture this week, this is the phrase to caption it.

We green up nice.

For all our carefree, funny girlies out there.

Lucky you!

Simple, pretty traditional, and yet super effective — yes, they’re lucky to see you serving on that post.

Happy Paul Mescal Day.

Paul Mescal, the first Irish man ever to exist.

Testing my luck.

Lowkey, but fire.

Green light.

Fun and a quote from Lorde’s iconic “Green Light.” Only pros here.

Dublin the fun.

Is there a quote more appropriate than this one to caption all the cute pics you took with your best friend?

Your lucky charm.

Straightforward, cute, and will maybe leave you thinking about the cereal.

Top of the mornin’ to ya.

This traditional Irish greeting will definitely keep the holiday vibe going.

Lucky one, lucky you.

This may or may not be the second time a verse from Taylor Swift’s “Lucky One” is featured in this list.

Walkin’ through clover, talkin’ to myself.

Keeping it up with the song lyric theme, this quote from “The Oldest Baby In The World” by Randy Newman is a more mysterious approach to the St. Patrick’s Day spirit, if that’s your kind of thing.

Seeing green.

Two-word captions are always it. If you have a green something somewhere in the picture, all the better!

You know where to find me. 🌈

Yes, you’re the pot of gold. Wink.

Up all night to get lucky.

Listen, Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” is a seasonal tune.

Leprechaun realness.

Campy, fun, and surprisingly in the holiday spirit.

Drink your greens.

Beer and a lot of green? Double St. Patty’s trouble.

Clover blooms in the fields.

Another Taylor’s Version type of caption —  this time from “ivy”!

Got four-leaf clovers and I’ve picked every one.

From Ray Charles’ “Lucky Old Sun,” this one is a little bit more edgy and, to be honest, a lot more unique if you’re looking for a more subtle reference to the holiday.

Radioactive green.

This one’s for the people that aren’t that deep into the holiday spirit, yet still want to pay an homage to all the unnaturally green food, drinks, and overall strangely green things seen this time of the year.

Lucky, blessed, and all the rest.

Keep it traditional!

Raise a glass.

Of green beer or Irish whisky — that’s up to you.

Good luck charm.

There’s a lot of ways to say you’re lucky on St. Patty’s day, but this might be the cutest out of all of them.

Isabella Gemignani

Casper Libero '23

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