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These Spotify Wrapped Twitter Memes Have Me Deceased

It’s officially Spotify Wrapped season, bestie. And, as someone who graciously shared a Spotify account with my mother, this is not my day. (My top artist was Bruce Springsteen. Not exactly something I can blast on my social media page.) However, Spotify Wrapped day allows me to look at the music tastes of all of my friends, family, and random people I haven’t talked to since high school in order to properly judge their music tastes. Don’t let those mean social media trolls tell you that they don’t care about your Spotify Wrapped: I care. Post them. I will look at all of it. Sorry, Apple Music listeners.

However, my musical judgment isn’t the only thing that Spotify Wrapped inspires every year. Sure, looking at everyone’s Wrapped is an all-around great time, but what makes this day even better is the art it creates. Twitter users have been putting their meme-making skills to work this year — and the results have me cracking TF up.

This year’s Wrapped featured the same fun colors and tap-through layout, but included some newer features that users have been recreating into viral memes. From memes about listening time to poking fun at musical obsessions and favorite artists, let’s just say that Twitter is having a field day with this one.

Some of the biggest callouts? None other than Blondie (meaning Taylor Swift, IYKYK), K-Pop, and iced coffee bisexuals who love Phoebe Bridgers. Okay, maybe that last one was just me?

While I can’t partake in the Spotify Wrapped festivities, the Twitter memes do give me a bit of joy. Here’s to hoping that Bruce Springsteen won’t be my top artist for two years in a row!

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