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Spotify Just Launched “Play Your Part,” a New, Non-Partisan Initiative Encouraging Subscribers to Vote


On Wednesday September 9, Spotify announced their new "Play Your Part" initiative, which encourages their subscribers to head to the polls as the election draws close. Spotify teamed up with creators like Conan GrayChloe x Halle, King Princess and Alaina Castillo to help bring their vision to life, aiming to both educate first-time voters and inspire more individuals to take part in the November election with this non-partisan initiative – because every voice deserves to be heard.

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"Every single vote matters. Do your part," Conan Gray said to Spotify, in reference to his motivation for participating in the campaign. "Together we can fight for the America that we want to see, one that is built upon unity, diversity, empathy, and love."

And we're one step closer, thanks to the educational resources Spotify is rolling out. The Voter's Booth hub houses resources from BallotReady and HeadCount on everything from how to register to vote to how to make your plan to vote. The voter's hub will also feature new inspirational playlists – so you can Soundtrack Your Vote – and podcasts focused on civic engagement, ranging from highlighting changemakers to a deeper look at policing in America to a number of celebrities' personal motivations for voting. The one podcast I'm personally looking forward to takes place on September 17th, by Dope Labs. The week's episode will focus on the science behind political ads and the effect they have on their viewers.

Spotify hopes that by featuring multiple different viewpoints and voices, they can empower their listeners to be part of the change through the main hub to fun video content and stickers rolling out across some of their flagship playlists. If you're a first-time voter you'll also receive encouraging personal messages on the app from other first-timers, reminding you that we're all in this together. 

The launch of the "Play Your Part" initiative was only the beginning – Spotify plans to roll out even more interactive experiences as we lead up to the election. In the meantime, head over to the voter's hub to see what all the excitement is about!



  Nishka Dhawan is an NYU alumnus. She graduated with a double major in Psychology and Journalism and has been a freelance writer and blogger ever since. She's written for CNN Underscored, Mogul, and most recently started working as a tech writer for Digital Trends. When she's not writing you can find her nestling in with a good book while listening to her favorite tunes. Reach out to her at nishka1997@gmail.com to share your controversial opinions and stories.         
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