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Someone Unearthed a Hilarious ‘Mean Girls’ Deleted Scene & You Need to See It

There are few movies we’ve seen as many times as Mean Girls. We can quote all the best scenes by heart and regularly reference the movie in our daily lives — however, it turns out that there’s one part of the *iconic* movie that we have yet to see until now.

In this gem of a deleted scene unearthed by Refinery29we get to see yet another amazing plastic prank that goes a bit awry. In the beginning, Damian can be seen loosening the screws on a table in the North Shore cafeteria, and the scene immediately cuts to Cady later sitting at the same table. Queen bee Regina George comes close to putting her tray on the loosened side of the table, until she’s distracted by Aaron Samuels (obviously). 

Instead, it’s poor Karen who ends up getting both her and Cady’s lunch spilled all over her. To be honest, if we have a soft spot for any of the plastics, it’s definitely Karen — after all, she’s not even mean, just a little… lost. She doesn’t deserve this! Justice for Karen, am I right? As you’d expect, the scene ends with Regina laughing hysterically at what’s just happened to her friend.

No word on why the scene was cut from the movie, but we’re definitely glad to now know it exists — because the more Mean Girls we can get our hands on, the better.

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