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Someone Circulated White Supremacist Posters at the University of Michigan

University of Michigan students woke up Monday to find racist posters all over their campus walls. 

According to Mic, the Black Student Union and other students at the University of Michigan posted pictures of the anti-black flyers on Facebook and Twitter. 

One of the posters is an article titled “Why Woman Shouldn’t Date Black Men.” The other demands that European Americans stop “denying their heritage.” 

The posters, allegedly created by the "Alt-Right," are full of false statistics claiming black people are less intelligent than white people and have higher rates of abuse. 

Shortly after the flyers were discovered, the university issued a statement from several administrators condemning the posters.

“Messages of racial, ethnic or religious discrimination have no place at the University of Michigan,” the statement said. "Targeted attacks against groups of people serve only to tear apart our university community." 

The posters were promptly removed from the academic buildings Haven and Macon Halls. 

Later in the day students posted photos of another flyer called "Race and Intelligence," according to USA Today College. The flyer again reinforced the idea that white people are more intelligent than black people—a claim that's been widely debunked by scientists, by the way.

In addition to just being plain wrong, these posters use statistics to justify “age-old white supremacist fears...that have lasted since slavery,” Mathew Rodriguez of Mic writes. Long story short, these posters are gross and racism will never be justified. According to UM students, they have no place on their college campus. 

Kristin Tajlili is a recent graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, where she studied Journalism, Graphic Design and Creative Writing. As an undergraduate she wrote for various different student publications. Kristin also enjoys sleeping, collecting postcards and eating ALL the burritos. Her favorite food is cheese.
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