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Some People Are Not Happy With Kylie Jenner Wearing A Waist Trainer

People have been gushing over new mom Kylie Jenner’s beautiful baby girl Stormi, but it didn’t take long for Kylie to find herself under criticism again. This time, fans had *thoughts* on her decision to wear a waste trainer so soon after giving birth. 

In a sponsored post on Instagram, Kylie showed herself in a Waist Gang waist trainer. She referred to it as a “snap back product,” which I guess means a quick fix to get her back to her pre-baby body.


While there were the standard fan comments, some criticized the decision. One commented “This is so unhealthy!!” Others tweeted angrily about the young Jenner’s post. 


Us Weekly talked to an OBGYN to clarify the health risks of the decision. Dr. Cynthia Robbins said this was not a healthy way to slim down postpartum. “After the delivery of a baby, the body has had ligaments and cartilage softened by a hormone named Relaxin. This hormone has been produced at the end of pregnancy to allow for structure shifting as the baby moves through the birth canal,” she told Us Weekly. “I advise patients to wear a support wrap or belly wrap postpartum to stabilize the patient’s pelvis so that it is held in place and no longer shifts. This allows for early resumption of exercise and for earlier return to normal function and pre-pregnancy shape. This is a healthy way to quicken recovery.”

Besides that, she pointed out that for anyone, waist trainers are generally not a great idea. She said it “puts harmful compression to the abdomen” and “has a temporary result that is no different than anything too tight around skin.” Other health professionals have also said that waist trainers are not the healthiest or most sustainable way to change one’s figure.

Since this was an ad, for all we know Kylie isn’t actually wearing the waist trainer. She might’ve just posted the pic to get her paycheck, and then took it off. Also, she’s a grown woman who can make her own decisions. Still, she has a large following, so she does have to consider whether promoting this product is actually a good idea. 

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