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Solange Released a Documentary On Her Songwriting Process

Solange gave fans a glimpse into her life when she uploaded a documentary-style video depicting her songwriting process. 

She includes bits and pieces of her songs “Don’t Touch My Hair” and “Don’t You Wait for Me” from her new album, A Seat at the Table, which took four years to createThe bio of the documentary says that it’s “a look at the early days of Solange’s songwriting, jam sessions, experimentation, collaboration, and the exploring of sounds and ideas for the album. 
While some of the jam sessions featured did not make the album, they helped to create and identify the sonic tone, and the early lyrics and concepts Solange wrote for the project.”

Throughout most of the video, Solange is her natural self; she’s not wearing makeup, she’s dancing with her son, swinging on a hammock, or jamming by candlelight. Her voice is melodic, pure, and flawless, and it’s not even altered by computers. We love seeing this side of the celebs we love; it helps us remember that they are human too.

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