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So, Kanye West Just Launched A New Yeezy Campaign Using A Nude Kardashian Lookalike & I’m Not Even Surprised

Lately the Kardashian clan, with Kanye West at the forefront, have really been doing everything they can to remind us that they’re still very much around. Kanye has been crazy busy, going from buddying it up with POTUS to releasing new music. Now he’s back to promoting his clothing line Yeezy’s next release, and it seems he’s really adopted the family way of getting publicity, too. Kanye’s new running shoe campaign for the Yeezy Desert Rat, is for a large part, modeled by women who are entirely naked—except for sneakers and socks.

Kanye released his new campaign without any teasing leading up to it, but probably should have added a warning about only opening it around appropriate (adult) audiences because it’s certainly NSFW. On Twitter, some of the photos actually have a sensitive content warning. But for sure the biggest buzz over this campaign has come from the model who looks almost exactly like Kim Kardashian herself.



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Despite the majority of the models being nude, the campaign does feature some who are clothed, presumably advertising Kanye’s clothing line. The whole campaign has been captured by photographer Eli Russell Linnetz. 



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