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Shonda Rhimes & TGIT Stars Endorse Hillary Clinton for President

Last night, during the airing of her three incredibly popular shows on ABC, Shonda Rhimes tweeted a video that showed her, Kerry Washington, Ellen Pompeo and Viola Davis—the three leading ladies of Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and How to Get Away with Murder, respectively—officially endorsing Hillary Clinton for president.

In the video, each of the stars discusses the characters they create or play, and how they are “brilliant, complex, overqualified” women who, though they are flawed, never fail to get back up and save the day. We know this well, as #TGIT is the greatest thing that has ever happened to television.

While these TV characters are forces to be reckoned with, the stars acknowledge that they only exist on television. The overarching message of the video is that Hillary Clinton is one of these forces, and she is real.

Tony Goldwyn, President Fitzgerald Grant on Scandal, directed the video, but that still doesn’t totally explain Clinton’s recent visit to the Scandal set. Unfortunately, a cameo is not in the works, according to TVLine. It would certainly be a huge, unprecedented move if the whole of Scandal were to rally their support for the candidate by having her on the show.

These are certainly not the first celebrities to come out in support of Clinton. Just last month, Kendall Jenner Instagrammed a picture of herself wearing a Hillary Clinton T-shirt, and Lena Dunham has been very involved in the Democratic candidate’s celebrity support team. Other celebs that have backed Clinton include Beyoncé, J.Lo, Demi Lovato and Snoop Dogg.

In response to Rhimes’s tweet of the video, Clinton tweeted, “Talk about a power lineup,” and she’s not wrong. Think Bernie Sanders has anything similar in store? We’ll see!

Margeaux Biché

Columbia Barnard

Margeaux Biché is a current senior at Barnard College living in New York City. During her freshman year, she studied at the George Washington University in D.C., where she wrote for The GW Hatchet. She is a Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies major and is passionate about social justice. While she does not know exactly where she'll take her degree, she hopes she can contribute to the advancement of marginalized peoples through legal and/or activist work. Chocolate covered pretzels are her favorite food, Rihanna is her favorite musician and her go-to talent is her ability to wiggle her ears. Margeaux loves dogs, hiking and her hometown basketball team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, all of which are oft-featured on her Instagram account. Twitter | LinkedIn