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Self-motivation tip #3: Have a workout buddy!

Hello girls! I hope you’ve all had some time to think about what your long-term goal is going to be (if not familiar with that, check out the previous post). Now that you’ve got yours in mind, we can move on to the fun stuff. First, let me say I am proud of all of you for creating a big goal, that is the first and most important step in becoming or staying fit. Now you’re on your way!

Recap: Different ways we’ve already discussed to becoming self-motivated—Taking advantage of fall weather and creating long-term goals.

Today: Exercise with a buddy! (Pictured above are me and my roommate. We were reppin’ some awesome NB gear and being silly before hitting the gym on campus).

Getting our butts out of bed and to the gym or outside can be tricky sometimes. I know I get back from class late in the day and just want to crash in my bed or stuff my face with dinner. But here’s the thing, if I come home and my roommate has her running shoes on, I am more likely to put down my back pack and lace up my NB training shoes. Together, we’ll hit the gym or go for a run outside.

Sometimes you just need a buddy to give you a little push. I am posting the “workout with a buddy” post early on in my blog sequence because I think it’s a great way to begin your workout routine. If you’re not yet at a place where you’re comfortable exercising alone, grab your girls and work out together. After a few times exercising together, you will become accustomed to the workout routine you form together, and will eventually be able to go at it alone.

For myself, I will walk to the gym with my roommate (Anj) and then we’ll split up as soon as we get inside. I like to run the track while she likes to use the elliptical downstairs. After about 45 minutes on our own, we’ll meet back up and do conditioning together. It’s a nice routine to get in the habit of because once we’ve got it down, we don’t have to work out together. It’s a great place to start if you’re new to working out.

Tip: Choose a buddy who will motivate you to push yourself! Go at it together by encouraging each other to keep going.

Dinner tip: mixed green salad with Lime vinaigrette dressing & topped with sliced grilled chicken. If available, add sliced bell peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes. Add sliced avocado to add texture.

Work work work,

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Olivia Watson is a true "Austinite" and junior Journalism major at UT. She is a member of UT Communications Council, a Life and Arts staff writer for The Daily Texan, a staff writer for Hercampus Texas and an advertising intern at Texas Monthly Magazine . In her free time she enjoys running the Austin Hike and Bike Trail, swimming and eating at Olive Garden. A big fan of music, artwork and theatre, she loves visiting museums and attending plays and concerts. Her favorite things in life include vanilla-mint flavored chapstick, warm socks, romantic-comedies and cookie dough. In the future, Olivia hopes to move to New York City and pursue an editorial career in print journalism.
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