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Selena Gomez Commented On A TikTok About The “Drama” Between Her & Hailey

Another day, another raging TikTok storm of drama being shut down by Selena Gomez. Gomez, who has been fairly active on TikTok, commented on a creator’s video late on Feb. 23, agreeing that Gomez’s fans need to stop bullying Hailey Bieber.

After the TikTok controversy of Bieber’s “God’s timing is always right” post (that has since been deleted), her TikTok comments have been blasted by users saying, “Mean girl,” “Team Selena,” “Side eye,” and even tagging Gomez’s makeup brand, Rare Beauty. Bieber has yet to address the trolling comments, but Gomez is here to stop the hate.

TikTok creator and model Amber Williams posted a video to her TikTok account calling out “weirdos” who thrive on the Gomez and Bieber drama, saying, “[Gomez and Bieber] don’t know that 95% of you guys exist.” Then, Williams suggested the trolls focus on their own lives instead of flooding the comments with bullying on either Gomez’s or Bieber’s videos. Williams called Bieber’s TikTok comments from fans “disgusting” and “nasty,” due to die-hard Gomez fans attacking her, and reiterated that Bieber is just human like us. All of this comes months after the iconic photo op of Gomez and Bieber being friendly that seemed to shut down any hard feelings.


like why is everyone so damn weird. i hate humans #selenagomez #haileybieber

♬ original sound – amber<3

Then, Gomez commented on Williams’ TikTok with, “Facts,” sending users into a frenzy. This all comes after the concocted drama circulating the internet involving Gomez, Bieber, and Kylie Jenner.

Gomez had taken to TikTok on Feb. 23 simply talking about her “over-laminated” eyebrows. Three hours later, Jenner posted a selfie on her Instagram Story with the caption, “This was an accident?????” Fans were skeptical because the caption was placed on one of Jenner’s eyebrows. Jenner then later posted a screenshot of Bieber via Facetime of them both just showing their eyes and eyebrows.

TikTok creator @devotedly.yours recapped all the “drama” in a video. Jenner then defended herself in the comments, writing, “This is reaching. no shade towards Selena ever and i didn’t see her eyebrow posts! u guys are making something out of nothing. this is silly.” Quickly after Jenner’s comment, Selena backed her up, “Agreed @kyliejenner it’s all unnecessary. I’m a fan of Kylie!”


Replying to @happy_mama3 Selena Gomez is a such a kind soul and I love that she will never get involved in the petty drama 👑 #kyliejenner #haileybieber

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This Gomez and Jenner interaction comes right after Gomez surpassed Jenner as one of the most followed people on Instagram with a whopping 381 million followers (compared to Jenner’s 380 million), hence why Gomez fans believed Jenner shaded her.

Gomez continues preaching to spread kindness and is clearly not afraid to shut down TikTok sleuths who like to create false narratives. In 2023, let’s stop putting women down and support each other, shall we?

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