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Selena Gomez Had to Tell Paparazzi ‘You’re Kind of Scaring Me’ After They Wouldn’t Stop Following Her & It’s Not Okay

Can we let Selena Gomez live please? Only a few weeks after the singer and actress had to call out trolls who body-shamed her after paparazzi caught photos of her in a bikini for the first time after her kidney transplant, a video of Gomez telling the paparazzi they’re scaring her has surfaced — and it’s unsettling to say the least.

According to Teen Vogue, a video originally captured by Pop Crave shows Selena leaving a Starbucks last week as she’s bombarded by paparazzi with questions about Justin Bieber that can best be described as patronizing. As the couple is reportedly on a break, it’s already pretty clear that she doesn’t want to talk about it — but one particular paparazzo gets so aggressive that Gomez finally directly asks her to leave her alone.

“Do you guys just mind if I have the rest of the day?” Selena asks the paps, looking obviously upset. “You’re kind of scaring me.”

Instead of immediately backing off (as she should have done) the paparazzo, who seems to be pretty taken aback, offers the excuse that, “there’s other guys here, it’s competitive.” As Selena walks to her car she can be heard offering a halfhearted “sorry” before getting in. 

Sure, paparazzi are just doing a job, but when it crosses over into harassment territory, it’s time to offer some respect and basic human decency — which this particular pap so blatantly refused to do after being asked directly (and rather nicely). Quick reminder that this is not how to handle the personal lives of your favorite celebs — no matter how badly you want to know whether a Jelena reunion is happening.

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