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The Lesbian TikTok Drama Returns: Sedona & Liv Might Have Broken Up

Y’all, lesbian TikTok drama is making its comeback. On TikTok, content creator and basketball player Sedona Prince is no stranger to relationship drama. On May 14, rumors began swirling about Princes’ relationship with fellow TikToker  Olivia Stabile. While both of the creators have kept quiet (mostly) during the recent drama, there’s just one question on everyone’s minds: Did Sedona Prince and Olivia Stabile break up? Well, given a few clues, many TikTok users are alleging the two have.

If you’re not familiar with Sedona, here’s a brief introduction. Sedona Prince, a D1 basketball player at Texas Christian University, is also a TikTok sensation with a massive following of over 2 million followers. Her rise to fame came in March 2021 when she posted a TikTok that shed light on the stark inequality between men’s and women’s basketball at the N.C.A.A. women’s basketball tournament. This post, which showcased the men’s state-of-the-art facilities in contrast to the women’s basic hand weights, went viral and catapulted Sedona’s platform. She’s not just a basketball player and a TikToker, but also an aspiring activist for LGBTQ+ rights and gender equity in sports. 

Sedona started dating Olivia (Liv) Stabile in January 2023, after Sedona’s very public breakup with TikToker Rylee LeGlue (but more on that later). Liv is a bartender and fellow content creator, and the two have shared their relationship very publicly, including each other in Instagram posts, TikTok videos, and YouTube videos.

On May 14, the two sparked breakup rumors when they unfollowed each other on Instagram. Liv has deleted most of her pictures with Sedona from her Instagram, and has been replying to comments in a very cryptic way. 

For instance, on May 13, Liv posted a video with Sedona from their trip to Mexico. But, on May 15, she replied to comments suggesting she is going through a breakup. One user commented “you can tell you loved her with your whole soul, and if that wasn’t enough for her it will be more [than] enough for someone else. sending positive vibes. you’ll get through it” to which Liv responded “love will always win. it always will.”


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This is not the first time Sedona has had public relationship drama. Sedona was previously in a relationship with Rylee LeGlue until July 2022. Initially, the two asked for privacy following their breakup — but in the weeks following their breakup, cheating allegations started to surface. In a now-deleted video, Sedona admits to cheating on Rylee.

Hopefully, both Sedona and Liv will take the time they need to heal and move on for the better. And when they feel comfortable, address the rumors. 

Hollie David is a nursing student who graduated from Central Connecticut State University in May 2024. She has a passion for writing especially about women's health, mental health and feminist issues. She's been published in multiple nursing magazines from Nursing made Incredibly Easy to Imprint. She was also a staff writer for The Recorder. In Hollie's free time she loves to read, watch true crime documentaries and attend dance classes.