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The ‘Second Act’ Trailer Is So Satisfying To A College Grad Looking For A Job

Jennifer Lopez is back with a brand new romcom and let me tell you guys, I am pumped.

Not just because I will watch The Wedding Planner literally any time I catch it (or because Milo Ventimiglia plays her love interest), but also because as a recent college grad still trying to make it in this world, I totally get it.

So, here’s the deal. 

Second Act features a down-on-her-luck Lopez as she struggles to move up in her department store as all of the managers have some sort of degree. She laments to her best friend, played by real life bestie Leah Remini, and her best friend’s son when suddenly, she’s getting an interview at a huge company. The interviewer tells her that her resume is impressive and when she’s confused, her best friend’s son admits to creating a new identity for her. After all, if she has the capabilities, what do a few lies hurt? 

I can totally relate to this storyline. I wouldn’t necessarily employ it, but I agree that if you have the talent, the capabilities and the nerve, a scam isn’t the worst thing in the world in order to get your dream job. I mean, it’s probably happening all of the time! Especially in this economy when having a college degree doesn’t mean anything unless you’ve got two internships under your belt and four to six years experience for an entry level position. Me thinks someone who has struggled with finding a job and has considered a scam wrote this future gem.

As Vulture reports, Leah Remini looks like she’s going to be one of the best parts of Second Act which premieres on November 21st, and I’m super inclined to agree.

What do you guys think? Are you ready for Jennifer Lopez to step back into the romcom?! Watch the trailer and let us know!

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