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Sarah Herron Taught Chad ~All~ About Feminism on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

On last night’s season premiere of Bachelor in Paradise, the world was not surprised at all when Chad got a little crazy. Okay fine, a lot crazy. Within twenty minutes of arriving, he was already causing drama and being horrible to people. Most of the contestants just let him do his thing and stayed out of his way. But Sarah Herron took a different approach. Instead of standing by and letting Chad continue to say all the misogynistic crap spewing out of his mouth, she SHUT. IT. DOWN. Here are the reasons why Sarah just became the official feminist hero of BIP.

1. She told Chad to GTFO

When Chad called her a “one arm bitch” and told her to “suck a dick,” Sarah was not having any of it. “Dude, I think you gotta go” is the realest statement anyone has ever said on BIP, and Carly wasn’t the only one clapping—the world was. 

2. She is there to find love, not abuse

Reacting to all the horrible things Chad was saying to Lace and every other woman on the show, Sarah explained that she came to Paradise to fall in love, not to be surrounded by drunk jerks. Slay, girl, slay. 

3. She put Chad in his place

The fact that Chad thought his comments were totally okay is RIDICULOUS. He must be the biggest idiot in the world to not understand that his words are hurtful and disgusting. Luckily, Sarah was there to lay it all out for him. 

While the first episode of BIP was entertaining at points, it was also heartbreaking. No one should ever go through the sort of abuse Sarah and the other women were subjected to. But Sarah held her head high and kicked Chad’s ass all the way home. 

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