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Taylor Swift & Sabrina Carpenter’s Friendship, From YouTube Covers To The AMAs

On Nov. 20, the 2022 American Music Awards took place at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, with Taylor Swift taking home six awards (but really, who is surprised?). Following the grand success of her newest album Midnights, and also the insanity that was getting tickets for the “Eras Tour,” it’s no surprise that critics and fans alike are awed by her music. Swift now has 40 AMAs, but that feat isn’t what has fans talking — instead, an interaction between Swift and pop singer Sabrina Carpenter went viral online.

Carpenter announced Swift as the winner of Favorite Music Video with “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version),” and as Swift went up to accept the award, she made a slight jab at their 11-inch height difference by patting Carpenter on the head. Carpenter laughed and took the joke in stride, and the two later shared a hug. The sweet interaction between the two stars had fans wondering just when their friendship started, with some even wondering why Carpenter isn’t being included in Swift’s upcoming tour.

It turns out that their friendship spans back a lot further than we’d think. 

August 2009: Carpenter covers “Picture to Burn.”

A full 13 years ago, when Carpenter was only 10 years old, she covered a T-Swift classic: “Picture to Burn.” Carpenter really got her big break when Girl Meets World started airing in 2014. So what I’m hearing is that she’s a real Swiftie…

March 2010: Carpenter tweets about a TSwift concert.

Carpenter wrote this adorable tweet: “The Taylor Swift concert was amazing, had so much fun I can’t wait to have a world tour someday like hers? lol with 2 sold out shows!!!!!” If only she knew what the future held…

August 2020: Carpenter cites Swift as a musical influence.

Following the release of Swift’s album Folklore, Carpenter spoke to Apple Music about how Swift has influenced her way of producing and releasing music. She said, “I’ve really, really felt this energy. Taylor Swift posted something when she released her new album in the description of when it dropped and saying like, ‘I usually would overthink the songs that I’m going to put out and release. And I just feel like nothing is certain right now and so it just felt right and I wanted to do it.’” Queens follow queens!

May 2021: Swift sends Carpenter a #RedTaylorsVersion package.

Carpenter was one of the lucky recipients of Swift’s Taylor’s Version package, and posted it on her Instagram story. She expressed her gratitude by saying, “thank you blondie :’) being 22 is hitting very different right now.”

August 2022: Carpenter and Swift rub elbows at the VMAs afterparty.

At the Republic Records afterparty held at the Fleur Room, Swift, Carpenter, and Rosé were in a star-studded picture together.

November 2022: Carpenter praises Swift’s Midnights.

Just last week, Carpenter admitted her feelings about Swift’s newest album, calling it “amazing.” She also mentioned that “Bejeweled” was her go-to mood boost track. A Swiftie then, and a Swiftie now!

November 2022: They share an iconic AMAs moment.

The culmination of Carpenter’s and Swift’s friendship is definitely their heartwarming head pat-hug moment yesterday. It’s inspiring to see Carpenter’s journey to stardom, and how Swift had a very focal role in her growth. There’s clearly great respect and talent between them, and we’re excited to learn more about their friendship!

With the budding friendship between these two stars, fans are hoping that something is in the works between them. Maybe another guest is set to be on the “Eras Tour”…

Inica Kotasthane

Columbia Barnard '26

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