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Ryan Gosling Used to Have Some Sweet Dance Moves

Hey girl, here’s another reason why the Internet is amazing.

It’s not Thursday but we’ll still accept watching this throwback video of Ryan Gosling dancing and singing like his life depended on it to Elvis Presley’s Hound Dog

Yes, what you are currently looking at (and, possibly, losing your mind over) is a video of Ryan Gosling, pre-Mickey Mouse Club and pre-washboard abs. Three videos of young Gosling giving it all that he’s got appeared on the Internet this weekend in a Facebook post originally shared by a user named Shaun Swire, who used to dance with Gosling before he appeared on Disney’s The Mickey Mouse Club

“Everybody loved him,” Swire said. “You could tell that he was going somewhere.”

If we were to base his talent off of watching this video of him dancing in silver parachute pants, we wouldn’t doubt Ryan Gosling’s star-quality either. 

But wait, there’s more.

And, in case you were wondering whether or not he’s aware of his talent, Ryan Gosling took to Twitter to confirm the authenticity of the videos.

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