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The Return of Rory’s Boyfriends Changes Everything About the ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival

Ever since Matt Czuchry’s role as Logan Huntzberger in the Gilmore Girls reunion series was officially announced, fans have been desperate for more information. And they got it. Not long after, Milo Ventimiglia was confirmed to reprise his role as Jess, and Jared Padalecki confirmed he’ll be playing Dean, despite his hectic schedule for Supernatural.

As soon as we knew Logan was coming back to the Gilmore universe, the ship wars began. It’s been years since we’ve actively heard people arguing over whether Rory is best with Logan, Jess, Dean or none of the above. 

We may not know the exact role each ex-boyfriend will play in the reboot series, but we do know one thing: this changes everything.

1. Rory could be dating one of them

Amy Sherman-Palladino confirmed that Rory won’t be married, but she did say Rory’s dating around. Will she be dating one of her three exes or a new character? As much as fans are hoping Luke and Lorelai are already very committed in the series premiere, if Rory gets back with one of these guys, we actually kind of want to see how it happens.

2. There’s the possibility of another Jess/Logan showdown

Let’s be honest: that scene in the bar was epic. We’re hoping for more verbal sparring between these two because they’re both so quick-witted that it was almost impossible to choose who to root for.

3. We could get more intense Jess/Dean angst

Jess and Dean’s long-awaited physical brawl in season three was even more insane than watching Logan and Jess fight like intellectuals. Granted, Jess and Dean were much younger and more immature, so they probably won’t get into a fist fight (season seven Luke and Christopher style), but we just want to see them interact. Please.

4. We’re dying to see Lorelai’s reaction to all of them now

When we left things, Lorelai was not exactly a fan of Dean because he cheated on Lindsay with Rory. She came around to being civil while he and Rory briefly dated but never really came around with Jess after he ditched Rory without saying goodbye. She did, however, come to accept and even sort of like Logan at the end, when he showed he was capable of being responsible. Lorelai’s opinions of Rory’s boyfriends caused some of the best drama on the show—notice Rory never told her mom she went to visit Jess in Philadelphiaand we are so eager to see it again.

5. More Jess and Luke scenes

Whether you like Jess and Rory together or not, we all have to admit that the relationship between Jess and Luke was sweet. It was also rife with banter that left us breathless and perfect moments like Luke pushing Jess off the dock. The show left the two of them on good terms, and we’re hoping Jess’s return means that he’s been steadily in Luke’s life the entire time. 

6. We could see Emily interact with them

Emily’s opinions of Rory’s boyfriends through the years were even more intense to watch than Lorelai’s. That scene where she’s super polite to Jess with his black eye and then explodes at Lorelai over the phone? Perfect. We’re hoping Emily interacts with at least one of Rory’s exes because even though it won’t be the same without Richard there, it’ll still be a great moment.

7. Will Rory break up with a boyfriend for an ex?

This is the question we all really want answered, right? If Rory is in a relationship, will she dump this guy for Dean, Jess or Logan? She has a strong past of jumping from one relationship right into the next, so we wouldn’t be surprised if she starts to fall for an ex all over again while she’s still dating someone else. 

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8. We can find out what happened to Dean

Dean disappeared from the show in season five, and he never really came back. After he broke up with Rory at her grandparents’ house, we only saw him in a few scenes, and he was always really bitter. We need to know: Does he still live in Stars Hollow? Did he get back with Lindsay? Did he re-marry? Does he still work at Doose’s?

9. We want more Jess and Paris

Not necessarily in a romantic sense because her and Doyle are an obvious power couple. But remember those few moments Jess and Paris were in the same room together and it was like watching magic happen? Between her bluntness, his sarcasm and their combined intelligence, they steal every scene. Please put them in at least one scene together in the revival, Amy and Dan.

10. There could be more closure for Rory

With all three exes, we feel there wasn’t enough closure. Dean broke up with Rory in front of Logan and his friends and left her crying outside. Jess took off without saying goodbye, then came back twice to make proclaimations of love. And they had that will-they-or-won’t-they moment in Philadelphia that ended way too soon. After Rory turned down Logan’s proposal, they broke up and moved to different parts of the country for work.

What we really need, more than Rory to end up with one of them romantically, is closure between her and each of her exes. Give us a scene where Dean and Rory admit what they did to Lindsay was wrong and there’s mutual understanding. Give us a scene where Logan tells Rory how much he missed her after they broke up and apologizes for ruining her college graduation by ending their relationship. Give us a scene where Jess and Rory hash it out, all the drama they’ve been through since he left, so they can finally actually communicate. 

11. We get to see their personal development

Dean kind of regressed by the end of his time on the show, to the point where we were all angry with him. Logan and Jess both had a chance to mature and grow as characters and to show they were capable of change. Seriously, Logan stood up to Mitchum and Jess wrote a book! We need more. Any scene showing how these guys have grown is fine by us.

12. There’s so much potential for plot twists

We all think that just because Logan, Dean and Jess are back that one of them will end up with Rory. But there’s a possibility that something completely unexpected will happen, like Rory’s actually dating Tristan or Marty. We don’t necessarily want that to happen, but we’re here to watch the drama unfold in whatever way the creators have planned it. Because we know it’ll be good.

13. We’re hoping that Rory’s exes returning could mean other exes returning

Dave Rygalski, anyone? Please, please

Nothing is for certain about the roles these characters will play in the revival, but for now, we’re just so excited that they’re all coming back. Now, if only Melissa McCarthy would sign on. 

Alaina Leary is an award-winning editor and journalist. She is currently the communications manager of the nonprofit We Need Diverse Books and the senior editor of Equally Wed Magazine. Her work has been published in New York Times, Washington Post, Healthline, Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Boston Globe Magazine, and more. In 2017, she was awarded a Bookbuilders of Boston scholarship for her dedication to amplifying marginalized voices and advocating for an equitable publishing and media industry. Alaina lives in Boston with her wife and their two cats.
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