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Relaxed and Rejuvenated


Today was glorious! Well this morning wasn’t exactly the best since I spent it working on my paper…but I did get a lot done which allowed me to enjoy a great afternoon with my family.  It started off misty and cloudy here in Alpharetta, GA(which probably helped me focus on my work for a while) but it cleared up this afternoon and has been beautiful ever since! My family loves the sun, so we were all pretty excited that it turned into a perfect pool day. It was great to relax outside and work on getting my tan back, since it has already completely faded since spring break. Plus it was wonderful to get some quality family time.

For many going home means that dieting goes out the window. However, in my house that is not necessarily the case. Though I have mentioned before that I definitely inherited the family sweet tooth, we have always eaten healthy food to balance out our occasional indulgences. Eating well has become even more prominent in our household after my mom and sister started a gluten free diet for health reasons, which spurred all of us to pay more attention to what we are putting in our bodies.

With that said, just because we have become more health conscious does not mean we don’t enjoy ourselves for special holidays…and Easter is a pretty big deal in my house. Not only have my parents always emphasized family time on Easter, but after we have all been depriving ourselves of sweets for 40 days it usually is associated with large quantities of candy and chocolate. Though I am definitely going to savor some candy tomorrow (the first bite of chocolate is divine) my goal is to enjoy it in moderation. Hopefully when I check back in tomorrow it will be with a positive report!

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