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Register To Vote (Or Check Your Status) With Her Campus Now!

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Turning 18 is a huge deal, and the four years that follow while you’re at college bring on a new set of responsibilities you sometimes can never predict. But there is one responsibility that turning 18 brings that you can anticipate — gaining the right to vote. And Her Campus wants you to take that seriously.

It is easy to say that your singular vote may not make a difference. “What is my one vote going to change in the millions cast?” you may ask yourself. In 2000, Al Gore and George Bush came head to head in the presidential election. Bush won the popular vote in Florida, but it was by such a close margin that it triggered a recount (and a Supreme Court case). Bush ended up winning the electoral votes in Florida by less than 600 votes — the size of a large lecture hall — which won him the presidential election. But had 600 more people voted for Al Gore, there would have been a different winner.

We’re not trying to sound like your HIST 101 professor right now, but think about it — what if one of your largest classes in college could decide the presidential election? Or if the amount of people ahead of you in the queue to buy Olivia Rodrigo tickets changed the course of history? (And that’s if you get a good spot in the queue!) Every vote counts and plays a part in shaping U.S. history.

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Speaking of shaping history, there’s so much more to voting than just who wins. Key themes and issues of 2024 are (and will continue to be) topics Gen Z cares passionately about like the climate crisis, reproductive rights, and student debt. If you have even one ounce of an opinion on any of those topics (and we know you do, you told us in our Decemeber 2023 survey!), this is your chance to have your voice heard and make sure your local and national lawmakers know where you stand.

There will be 41 million members of Gen Z eligible to vote in the 2024 general election — 8 million of them aging into their voting right. These are impossible-to-ignore numbers that have the potential to change history. That’s why Her Campus is so thrilled to be teaming up with DoSomething, one of the largest nonprofits dedicated to activating young people to change the world, to register as many voters ahead of the 2024 election. (And for those who are already registered, you can check your voter registration status and address too!)

All you need to do is click the button below to get started. Once you register (or check your status), you can also add reminders so you never miss an election. And don’t forget to keep up with all of the 2024 election content Her Campus shares. Like we said, we are there for you at every moment, and we want you to feel confident come November when you cast your ballot.