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A Red Cheeseburger is Burger King’s New Menu Item

After achieving the feat of creating a black cheeseburger, where the bun and cheese are colored black, Burger King is at it again, by releasing a red cheeseburger for customers. According to BuzzFeed, the red cheeseburger was created by Burger King Japan and will only be available there, starting July 3.

This new bright red burger is called the Aka Burger, as “Aka” means “red” and receives its color from tomato powder. However, beef is not the only meat that can be included between the red buns; customers can get chicken as well. Customers can really have it their way by ordering the Samurai Beef or the Samurai Chicken. The two burgers will also include an “ANGRY” sauce, comprised of miso paste (a Japanese seasoning), Chinese chili bean sauce and red pepper.


As previously mentioned, Burger King previously released a black cheeseburger last fall called the Kuro burger (“Kuro” means “black”) to not-so happy reviews. Those burgers received its bun and cheese color from bamboo charcoal and squid ink. But, Burger King promises better things for its black cheeseburger which will be newly released in August and will also include deep-fried eggplant.

And who said black and red weren’t a girl’s favorite colors?

Keana Bloomfield

Bryn Mawr '18

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