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Recap of This Week’s Episode of Girls


Let’s admit it. This week was absolute intense on HBO’s hit series Girls. The episode opened with Hannah’s roommate Elijah moving out, a dramatic yet classically witty goodbye.

Lena Dunham’s Hannah played the role of the “grown-up” in New York City wonderfully when she attempted to throw a sophisticated dinner party. Let’s face it-all big apple dreamers fantasize about sharing dinner with good friends in their small, overpriced apartments. Nevertheless, everything seemed to hit the fan as the guests argued among each other over Hannah’s burnt Pad Thai. 

Marni and her ex-boyfriend Charlie had an interesting interaction that was fueled by her argument with Charlie’s new mustard-loving, entrepreneurial girlfriend.

Things went awry when Jessa met Thomas-John’s parents, bringing their shotgun marriage to a violent and abrupt end. Jessa’s sadness cumulated towards an interesting bathtub bonding experience at Hannah’s apartment.

Ray and Shoshana fell in love in a hopeless place- the subway station. Ray ranted about his lack of self-confidence and Shoshana proceeded to tell him that she was falling in love with him.

Whether or not you’re a fan of Girls, this plot was crazy. Start watching if you haven’t yet, and stay tuned every Monday for my Girls recaps!





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