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Reasons To Start Working Out Now

Easier Pregnancy
If you simply can’t get over your fear of needles, you can look forward to skipping the painkilling shot when you go into labor. When you have strong, sturdy abdominal muscles it will make the contractions feel like little pinches instead of the world crushing down on your lower stomach.

Relieve Stress

Tyler Perry reminded us in “Madea’s Family Reunion” that sometimes things are better out than in. The same goes for stress. Holding onto stress and not break down is like trying to hold onto a knife and not get cut. No worries because there’s an easy solution to this problem. It’s to exercise!

If you want to know more about how to relieve stress with exercise go here.

Relieve Anger

Don’t let anger hold you back. Use the energy your anger gives you to propel you into a beneficial workout. I’m assuming you don’t have a punching bag in your basement (and if you do—start punching). If you don’t, grab yourself a set of dumbbells and throw some jabs, upper cuts, and hooks at the air and imagine you’re making contact with who/whatever got you angry.

Ease Period Cramps

Sure, when it’s that time of the month and you’re squirming around in your chair trying to get into a position that soothes the pain but doesn’t make you look like a weirdo all you want to do is lay down with a heating pad. But lying down is only going to leave you alone with thoughts in your head about how much you want to just jump off a cliff to get rid of the pain. And popping pill after pill after pill is only going to mask the pain instead of solving the real issue underneath. The cure to easing the pain is doing some form of exercise. It sounds impossible, but it gets your blood flowing, (the other kind of blood!), your heart pumping, and your muscles working. If nothing else, it will get your mind of the stomach pain and onto the burn in your calves and quads.

Feel Better About Yourself

After a workout, if you gave it all the effort you had, you should feel satisfied both mentally and physically. You should also feel proud of yourself for pushing through it and making it all the way to the end. When you get out of the shower, when all the sweat is washed away, you will feel like you can conquer the world…or at least anything that the rest of your day has in store for you.

Learn About Your Body

Along with becoming physically fit comes certain obligations. You’ll look better, feel better and become closer to your own body. Every time you push yourself further than the last or try and new kind of workout, it is a learning experience. You become aware of your limits, boundaries and capabilities. And trust, knowing more about your body and the way it works comes in handy…especially after hours.

Better Endurance

When you put your body through high energy cardio workouts where you’re constantly using your entire body you keep your heart rate racing and not only are you burning hundreds of calories, but you train your breathing. When you build endurance you gain stamina. Stamina comes in handy when you need to climb six flights of stair when the elevator is broken or of course when you’re…I’ll let you finish that sentence.

Why do you like exercising? Let me know by leaving me a c-note! I love hearing from you all.

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A New Jersey native, Amber S. Brown is an ambitious communication/journalism student who aspires to have a career in the magazine world. Amber is a well-rounded and committed student who has repeatedly earned herself a spot on the Dean’s list at her university. Her thirst and energy for writing, style, and fitness keeps her one step ahead of everyone else. Driven to bring something fresh and new to the magazine industry, Amber continues to be focused, motivated, and has an unbreakable “anything’s possible” attitude.
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