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Raven Gates Admitted to Sneaking Off Set During ‘The Bachelor’ For the Best Reason Ever

Raven Gates, who was on “The Bachelor” Season 21, admitted Thursday on Instagram that she and Bachelor co-castmate Jasmine Goode snuck off set for a very hilarious, and honestly the best, reason. Since Gates and Goode were in New Orleans for the show, they snuck to none other than the famous Café Du Monde.

According to Bustle, Gates began her confession on Instagram, writing, “I have a confession to make about something that happened on my season of ‘The Bachelor.’” Gates then shared her story of their adventurous night in a series of posts.

It turns out that while on the show, the contestants are not allowed to have their phones with them, Bustle reports. So, the adventure began when Gates and Goode, well, let’s just say borrowed, a producer’s phone to get themselves an Uber to go get some powdered sugar covered pillows of heaven.

Gates never details how she and Goode got a hold of the producer’s phone, but they got to Café Du Monde, Bustle reports. After getting a bag full of delicious beignets, the two headed back, singing out the window to passersby the entire way.

And just to make it clear, it is a major no-no to leave the “Bachelor” mansion or hotel. According to Bustle, you are not allowed to leave without permission from the show, and if another one of the contestants is out on a date with the Bachelor, the other contestants must stay at the mansion (or hotel).

So basically Gates and Goode broke two rules: leaving the premises and using a phone.

When the two ladies got back, they did end up getting in trouble. But, when Gates and Goode presented the producers and fellow castmates with some of those delicious beignets, they accepted the peace offering, Bustle reports.

According to Bustle, the two women were still allowed on the show and were also invited to “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 4.

We’re glad that the women ultimately didn’t get into too much trouble, because who can blame them for wanting to go out for some mouth-watering beignets? Because, honestly, we would have done the same.

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