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Quinn Marcus, Emerson Senior on mtvU

When Quinn Marcus stepped inside Dad’s Garage Theater in her hometown of Atlanta her senior year of high school, she didn’t expect to be excusing herself from class at Emerson College in a few years to run to the bathroom and take a phone call from mtvU.

Now a comedy writing and performance senior at Emerson, Marcus, 21, has loved improv comedy ever since her first experience at Dad’s Garage Theater.

“I guess I just really loved doing it and I’d never experienced something like that before, being able to say whatever comes to your head,” said Marcus during a phone interview with Her Campus. “I never want to stop doing it.”

One of her favorite things about improv is that each show is different and it can never be recreated. Her instantaneous love for the comedic art resulted in trekking out in Atlanta with a few friends with no idea what they were about to do. Six hours later, they came back with a ton of footage and Quinnterviews was born.

Throughout college, Marcus kept up with Quinnterviews with groups of friends roaming around Boston. By May 2012, she was ready for a bigger audience and she sent in a YouTube video to an executive at mtvU.

“I ran to the bathroom to take the phone call,” recalled Marcus. “They asked for a second video about why I wanted a show and I called all my teachers and skipped class for those 24 hours to make the video.”

Her second video to mtvU, which secured her spot, was supposed to be about her personality. Naturally, Marcus approached complete strangers about what they thought of her personality for the most thoughtful answers while passing a furniture store as her house.

“I actually thought it would be a lot weirder and different,” admitted Marcus about combining the responsibilities of senior year and Quinnterviews. “Honestly, it’s just like every other year. I think my teachers call it Quintessential. They don’t really know as much about it.”

(Can you believe that, collegiettes? Even successful comedians like Marcus can’t get out of upcoming exams!)

Emerson professors probably don’t know as much about Quinnterviews as our readers should because Marcus puts her own spin on topics that every collegiette goes through – looking for a roommate, moving in, and stressing out during finals week. Although Marcus has no idea what the spring break episode will be like yet, she has a strong feeling that “it’s going to be a fun one.”

“I’m just a regular college kid and people are just filming me,” the future late night talk show host said humbly.

Make sure to tune in on mtvU every Tuesday for a new quirky short from Quinn Marcus.

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