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Proof That ‘The Lion King’ Predicted #DressGate

So, if anyone remembers correctly (which we’re sure you all do), chaos ensued all over the Internet as social media users everywhere were asked what’s becoming arguably one of the most important questions ever asked: What color is the dress?

In a recent update and information given by the company responsible for making the infamous dress, it turned out that the dress was actually black and blue. 

#DressGate is still fresh on our minds but, in reality, it’s so 1994. (Literally.) Because, soon after the debate that nearly tore the nation apart, a Reddit user named iceroll revealed that Timon and Pumbaa once had a conversation during a scene in Disney’s The Lion King that basically predicted this entire dress debacle. 

Shout out to Disney for being ahead of the game with this one. 

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