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Welcome to the Pretty Little Liars recap where we see what these abnormally good-looking gals are up to this week as they try to find out with killed their friend Allison.

The episode starts out as they are watching a silent movie. It’s not apparent why they are watching this film or why they’re the only ones in this theater. Out of the corner of her eye, Spencer sees a shadowed figure in the back row. Suddenly the film projection burns away and the figure is standing in front of them shining a flashlight. They scramble to leave, BUT WAIT. Plot twists of all plot twists, it was all just a part of Spencer’s dream. Darn. Just as something good was happening. Melissa wakes up Spencer, looking for her missing wedding ring. As usual, Melissa is acting really shady and leaves the room everything the phone rings.

Hannah’s dad is still in Rosewood and her mom and dad are getting along surprisingly well and it peeves Hannah. She is getting on my last damn nerve now, her parents aren’t allowed to laugh and be happy? Things can change Hannah! Maybe you’re dad’s an OK guy.

The chicas meet up in the bathroom and discuss various things like Emily’s “maybe” letter from Danby and we find out that Aria is taking a class at Hollis (the local college) where both Ezra and his ex, Jackie, work. Love this plotline. Such potential for awkward moments.

Toby creeps around the school again and tells Spence that he’s starting a new carpentry job for… Jason DiLaurentis. DUN, DUN, DUN! Spencer begs him not to work with him, but Toby needs the money to buy a new truck for another job. On an unrelated note, Toby’s new haircut is beyond adorable.

Lucas is back in the picture and Caleb, Hannah’s ex-lover is staying at his house. Hannah and Lucas make plans to hang out after-school and work on the yearbook together.

Aria and Ezra celebrate their newborn freedom by making out everywhere, including Hollis. Jackie sees them and shoots daggers with her eyes. Get over it, girl. You’re the one who didn’t want to marry that sexiness. When Aria goes to her first class, she sees none other than Jenna Marshall in her class. DUN, DUN, DUN! A lot of those moments in this series.

Spencer swings by Jason’s house and he’s being sketchy as hell and walking around with a large shovel. Is he burying a body or planting gardenias? No one knows. Spencer sees a shadow in the second story window. Hmm, wonder who’s up there. Spencer has a flashback to a night where Ali bursts in upset because she’s mad at Jason. She threatens to tell her grandmother about Jason’s behavior so she’ll write him out of her will. Ali takes a bit of Spencer’s apple and throws it into the sink exclaiming “Your family has the worst apples!” LOLWUT?

Hannah’s at yearbook with Lucas and we find out that he is getting over Hannah and crushing on Zooey Deschanel look-a-like Danielle.  He has negative confidence and says that he has no chance with her. We’ll see what Hannah has to say about that!
Melissa is still rooting around the house for the engagement ring.  Spencer asks Melissa: “Will you protect me over Ian?”  Melissa answers: “Don’t make me choose between you and my husband.” So, I’m guessing that’s a no. Sorry Spence, sometimes blood isn’t thicker than water. Then, as the perfect opportunity for revenge, Spencer finds Melissa’s ring behind the toaster. How in the hell did it get there?

Hannah and her dad are hanging out and he is having an argument over the phone with his new future wife, Isabel. Apparently she wants an over-the-top wedding. Bridezilla alert!

Emily forges the letter she needs to stay in Rosewood, but is undecided on whether she should show it to her mom. Aria says there has to be a better way, buy Hannah is all for this type of rebellion.

Toby is working at Jason’s place and HOLY CRAP, TOBY’S SHIRT IS OFF. HOLY CRAP. His body refuses to quit. Why can’t he be half-naked all the time? Spencer comes over and still tries to convince Toby to stop working for Jason, but the cash advance is too tempting to give up. Jason takes out the trash and Chinese food takeout and bloodied gauzes tumble out the of the trash bag. “I cut myself,” he says. MHM. Sure. Okay.

Back at Aria and Jenna’ pottery class, Aria lies about her name and says she’s “Anita.” She really doesn’t want Jenna to know that she’s there.

Hannah talks up Lucas to Danielle, making him seem like a big man on campus. Lucas, being his insecure self, is all like “Why are you helping me, Hannah?” And she’s all “We’re friends now. Sometimes people change, bro.” Aww, cute.

Spencer pawns off Melissa’s ring for a couple Gs and takes the cash to do…something.

Emily is still undecided about mailing the letter to her mom. Her mom finds box of her old baby stuff in the attic. She gets emotional about how Emily couldn’t come out to her. Emily decides not to send the forged letter, so she tears it up and throws it in the trash.

Spencer tolls up to Toby’s workplace (AGAIN) with an old truck. OH, so that’s where the ring money went! Toby is overjoyed and finally tells Spencer that he loves her. Kind of adorable, but terribly illegal!

Hannah’s parents continue to get along while drinking wine on the patio. Inside the house, Hannah’s dad receives an “I’m sorry” text from Isabel and Hannah deletes it. Nice sentiment, but totally in bad taste.

Jenna asks Aria/Anita to help her clean up after class. Jenna made a candle holder and asks Aria/Anita to light a candle and see if her creation work. She goes into this sad story about how she can’t see the light or ….anything for that matter. Aria is like “Yeah, you’re spinning candle holder is pretty!” And Jenna’s like “Aria is that you?” Busted.

Emily’s mom comes in all excited because she received a letter from Danby in the mail and Emily’s internal monologue is like “Crap. I didn’t send it! What is this?” She tears through her trash to make sure that torn up letter she wrote is still there. Instead she finds a letter from “A” that says “We can’t play cat and mouse if you’re in Texas. I need you here, Em.” Creepy.

Aria and Hannah are at Spencer’s and they decide to follow Melissa as she leaves the house. She stops to talk to someone in a car and it’s her ex, Renn, who Spencer macked on.  Spencer thinks he’s giving her painkillers for Ian’s bell tower wounds. Again, she sees the shadow in Jason’s window.

At the end, we see the gloved person at the pawn shop buying back Melissa’s ring.

Phew! That was quite an exciting episode. Can’t wait until next week’s!

Kimya is a print and multimedia journalism student at Emerson College. She loves living in Boston, but still misses her hometown of Austin, Texas. She enjoys fashion, poetry, food and making predictions for award show winners.
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