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Welcome to the Pretty Little Liars re-cap! Katherine and I are switching off writing the re-cap each week, so I’m finally outing myself as a PLL fan. It’s mildly embarrassing, but hey, it’s a little more sophisticated than my Jersey Shore addiction.

Okay, so we start off in a greenhouse arguing over whether Ian’s dead or not. “Zombie’s don’t text!” Argues Hannah, which is a very astute observation. They decide to talk about the creep text later and when they’re walking back they see Jason DiLaurentis (Ali’s older brother) is moving back into his old house. Hm, wonder what he’s up to.

We cut to Hannah’s house where her dad has come into the picture, claiming he’s worried about her after they all get in trouble from the psychiatrist. She’s all bitter and pouty about her dad being around, but methinks she’s judging him too quickly this time around.

At Emily’s, as she’s packing to move she discovers that all of her files have been wiped from her computer, particularly evidence of Ian’s wrongdoings. Her and Spencer think it’s A (um, duh), and they are little bit screwed because now they have no physical evidence against Ian.

At Spencer’s, Melissa comes in with a sonogram photograph of her baby and decides to take it easy at home per the doctor’s orders. It’s not like she does anything anyway.

At school Ezra tells Aria that they need to talk, presumably about the state of their relationship after he leaves Rosewood High for a cushy college talk. These two certainly have a lot of “serious talks,” do they ever have fun together?!

In the cafeteria they keep going along with the psychiatrist’s suggestion of being apart, but they only do it for public appearances. “A” sends a text to the PLLs saying that she’s won because she has torn them apart. Stick together, ladies! It’s the only way that “A” can’t win!

Toby shows up with an application to get his GED and tells Spence that he’s now in the construction business. I can’t really solidify how I feel about Toby. Hot body, but still kind of has that creepy loner vibe.

Sumara, a girl that Emily kinda-sorta had a crush on comes back at her swim meet. Insert rant: Emily doesn’t have a decent story line when she’s not in a relationship. Why is she so irrelevant otherwise? Hey writers, give this girl better material! Anyway, at the meet a representative from Danby University (it’s not real, I looked it up) says that he’s interested in Emily’s swimming talent for scholarship material. Get that money, girl.

Back at Spencer’s pad, our favorite prepster is taking brownies to Jason to welcome him back into the neighborhood and Melissa divulges that Jason and Ian used to be close but weren’t always on good terms. Hello foreshadowing! Hannah is arguing with her parents about the psychiatrist situation, and any time her dad says anything she’s all “Ugh! Since when do you want to BE MY DAD?!?!”

Emily’s mom notices that someone broke into their garage and stole some camping gear. Could it be the same person who wiped her drive?

Spencer delivers the brownies to Jason and he’s giving her the third degree about what happened with Ian in this church and we’re left with the feeling that Jason’s going to do something to get involved with bringing Ian down.

Spencer has a flashback to a moment between Ali and Jason in a fight. And Ali says she has hiding places all over the house, and she only let’s secrets get out when she wants them too. This was one of the “light bulb” moments of the episode, which I’m sure will return later.

Emily might get a scholarship to Danby if she stays in Rosewood. She talks it over with her mom and she wants a commitment written from the scout, but he can’t exactly do that. Is this her key to staying ir Rosewood with her friends? Then we find out that Toby loses his construction job after one day because of his bad reputation in the town. Womp womp. Can this kid ever catch a break?

Aria’s waiting for Ezra at his apartment “to talk” but gets tired of waiting for him. Aria is ready to leave, but Ezra begs her to wait via text. Aria leaves a message in his typewriter presumably saying something like “I got tired of waiting” or some other ominous message.

Mona calls Hannah, she ignores it whilst washing the dishes. Hannah’s mad at her dad for moving on with his life after divorce. Lay off your old man, chica. Seriously.  

Emily goes on a date with blondie Sumara, Hannah meets Mona at a café and they decided to move on from the whole Caleb situation. Toby and Spencer talk on top of a hill for some reason – these folks love to lurk in the woods – and decide not to talk to the cops. Aria comes to Spencer’s house and sees that the glass has been broken. She goes inside and someone comes running down the stairs and attacks her and throws her against the wall. Spencer comes back and oddly, seems really nonplussed about the whole thing. SOMEONE JUST THREW YOU BESTIE ACROSS THE ROOM. Show some emotion!

The next day at school is Ezra’s last day as a high school teacher. He gives a really moving speech and at the end of the school day Aria runs in slo-mo outside to Ezra’s car and they passionately embrace in the parking lot. ICKY. Cheeseballs.

 Melissa is reading by the fire and Spencer sees that her jacket and boots are wet, even though she said she didn’t leave the house. She deduces that she found Ian and went to show him the sonogram.  The girls visit Jason and he appears to be putting up a fence for privacy “One way or another people will mind their own business.” Is he trying to keep people out or keep someone in? Mystery!

In the last scene, the mystifying gloved person is in Jason’s yard, petting a dog, which is really not that menacing. I’m sure they could’ve whipped together a more intriguing ending, but we’ll have to wait until next week to see if this has any significance at all.
Till then!

Kimya is a print and multimedia journalism student at Emerson College. She loves living in Boston, but still misses her hometown of Austin, Texas. She enjoys fashion, poetry, food and making predictions for award show winners.
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