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Pretty Little Liars’ Charlotte Might Not Be Dead After All

With the series finale of Pretty Little Liars only six months away, fan theories have been flooding the internet. But the most recent theory may have just been confirmed by a star on the show.

Vanessa Ray, who plays Charlotte, the villain you loved to hate on PLL, just let a ~major~ spoiler slip. In an interview with Us Weekly, Ray reveals, “I have been keeping up with the show, and you might see my face soon.”

Since Charlotte has supposedly been dead for some time now, fans have come up with three possible reasons she could reappear. Maybe we’ll get new details about what really happened to her in a flashback scene, maybe she was never really dead or maybe the ghost of Charlotte will emerge to terrorize the already-haunted town of Rosewood. Honestly, none of these would surprise us.

Ray, who credits much of her TV success to her role as Charlotte, has her own theories about how the beloved series should end. “I hope they burn Rosewood down. I hope they just take a match. I really hope there is a slo-mo montage of them walking away with sunglasses on or something,” she says. Another scenario we wouldn’t be totally opposed to.

As much as we would love to skip ahead to the ending though, it’s hard to say goodbye to a show that’s captured our hearts for seven years—regardless of how bizarre it’s gotten at times.


Wow. 8 years ago we had our first table read in this very room. I didn’t post anything from the table read yesterday because I was too emotional and I wanted to find the right words. So much love, blood, sweat and tears have gone into this show and I couldn’t be more proud and honored to go through this journey with each and every one of our cast and crew. Weddings, funerals, birthdays, housewarmings, we’ve shared it all. The last 7 years have consisted of graduating high school, learning to drive, doing what I love every day, finding true friends, and getting engaged to my best friend. It’s an end of a chapter and it’s been some of the best times of my life. To the fans: thank you for taking this journey with us. For loving the show the way we do. For having faith in us, they way we have faith in you. You’re apart of this just as much as we are. Thank you for being our #PLL family. I will cherish you all forever. love, Sasha #15daysleft #prettylittleliars

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