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Post-Grad Intern

Is it embarrassing to be interning after graduation? I have an unpaid internship as a college grad and the girl who is my immediate supervisor is the same age as me. This is so awkward. How do I treat her? Should I act any differently than a regular intern?

It is most certainly not embarrassing to work as an intern following graduation.  And to prove it, here’s a stat from a recent CareerBuilder.com survey- nearly a quarter of the 2,500 employers polled noted a surge in the number of internship applicants who have 10 or more years of professional experience!  Let your feelings of insecurity go and treat her with the same level of respect as you would any other supervisor.  Use this as a time to learn and gain insights- she may provide applicable advice on how she navigated her way into her current position.  Mentors and references come in all ages and experiences. Just remember to be humble and work hard- you’re still in the phase of proving yourself to reach the next level. Good luck!

For more than a decade, Sara Bordo has mentored nearly one hundred women at various stages of their careers. Her belief, that women should champion other women in their careers, has guided her efforts to help young women in growing both professionally and personally. In Spring 2010, she founded Women Rising, a consultancy that reinforces the principle that other women’s successes help all women. Women Rising’s efforts include a series of workshops that help young women begin and manage their professional careers. On a very practical level, the workshops provide insight from hiring managers, steps to define and leverage each woman’s personal brand, and networking strategies for entering the workplace. Upcoming activities for Women Rising include Ms. Bordo featured as a career and mentor expert on several young female lifestyle sites, continued public speaking and career mentoring. Also planned is a publication of successful female leaders’ stories telling the most alarming and inspiring tales of women working for women.
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